At Work Innovation Partners, we dream BIG. We imagine a world of work where everyone is:

contributing their best, 

supported in a way that is right for them, and

inspired to keep creating and sustaining these thriving workplaces.

It's at these workplaces where future generations will talk about how a previous generation changed the world of work forever.

Together, we will be that change. 

Decades of research show that over half of us are dissatisfied with our jobs. Dissatisfaction with work leads to a range of physical and mental health issues. Also, new research shows that the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance is much higher than previously thought. Why hasn't this problem been fixed?

There are hundreds of products, services and theories that are continually evolving to improve organizational functioning. These offerings are designed to improve things like employee engagement, organizational health, corporate culture and values, talent attraction and retention, and work-life balance and integration. But because each organization is unique, and because the experience of an organization is unique to an individual, there is nothing out there that works for every organization. For some organizations, nothing works. 

At Work Innovation Partners, we believe the challenge to creating high performing and thriving places to work lies in understanding the uniqueness of each organization and each person. That's why our approach will work for you. It enables you to create and sustain a high performing, thriving organization in a way that is right for you.