At Work Innovation Partners, we believe that the quality of two relationships impacts organizational performance: the relationships that people have with their work, and the relationships between people.

Our relationship with work

More than any other relationship, our relationship with the work we do occupies the majority of our time and attention. We spend over 50% of our waking lives engaged in a relationship with work; we’re either at work, going to school or training for work, or thinking about work.

This time spent in a relationship with work is part of being human. It’s real. It’s our reality. But, so what? So what if everyone spends a lot of time working? The “so what” is that most people are dissatisfied with their working lives.

Research also shows that this dissatisfaction is correlated to poor job performance and to a range of physical and mental health issues. The relationship between work satisfaction and performance is in fact much higher than previously thought. This dissatisfaction is not only a public health problem, but also a significant business problem.

Our relationship with others

At Work Innovation Partners, we believe that relationships between people are the defining element of any organization. The challenges to doing great work in organizations are seldom due to a lack of resources. Most barriers to doing great work can be overcome by understanding what the organization actually needs accomplished, and then understanding how people in the organization actually need to be supported.

Understanding and communicating what’s needed, for each other and ourselves, is what makes good organizations great.

Once we’re thriving in our own relationship with the work we do in the organization, once we feel supported and are supporting others, then high functioning organizations happen.